Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi everyone, I am finally settled in Seattle after ten weeks of nonstop travel. I've been back from Italy for about a week and have spent most of my days in the studio getting back into a groove. Here's the latest:

Florence is almost finished, I'm still considering adding a touch of paint on the wall behind the couple, but I'm not sure. I may look at it in a day or two and decide it's completed.

Bernanke is also near completion, I still have some work on the buildings in the back as well as detail on Bernanke. Every time I look at this piece I notice another thing that I have forgotten or want to change.

Here's the latest piece that's in the works. As a No Doubt fan, I'm really excited that they have reunited and are working on a new album as they tour. The tour has a Clockwork Orange theme and has been labeled a "procrastination tour" since they are using it to inspire them before entering the recording studio.
I've been wanting to do a vignette illustration for so I challenged myself with that as one of my criteria in designing the composition. After choosing this layout and the clock gears as a motif, I created a foam core model of the clock with about 16 gears. I am working on color studies right now and will post those soon.
I'm hoping to have one or two pieces ready to send to the Society of Illustrators for the Annual Show, the deadline is around October 31, so any feedback, critiques or ideas will be a huge help.