Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am very happy to finally post this project. It combines my strongest concept with the looser "sketchbook" style I have been working toward. I pushed myself to do a great deal of experimentation on this piece, particularly in the process.
I began with a colored pencil drawing and then covered with a light gouache wash of neutral green. Next came a layer of ink on the coat and glasses. I was careful to leave some of the background showing through the ink so things didn't feel too flat. Then I applied the light skin tones to the face and hands in acrylic. The water used with the acrylics reactivated the gouache causing the colors to mix seamlessly.

Once the basic values were established, I lay numerous acrylic washes to create the subtle skin tones and colors on the abacus. I tried to keep my paints thin so I wouldn't loose my linework, something I am working on. Colored pencils and ink helped to sharpen edges and add detail on board before completing a final pass in Photoshop.
I am immensely excited about this process and am looking forward to utilizing it in my next illustrations.

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