Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bernanke Portrait

Hi everyone, I just finished this comp for my next piece and would love to get any feedback or suggestions any of you may have.

The main concept concerns the challenges that Ben Bernanke faces with the current economic crisis. One of the options is for the Fed to print more money, "dough," which may lead to inflation and a loss of monetary value. I also wanted to show the public frustration with the bailout of Wall St. and the feeling that any Federal money and assistance will go to the men and women on Wall St. as part of the bailout money.
I hope that comes across, I'll be work on color and value studies over the next couple days and will soon post those.


  1. I think it looks great! My only suggestion would be to extend the bottom right portion of the rolled up "dough" so the 3 loop shapes aren't so similar; make them a little varied, and maybe make them run off the page. But that's a nit-pick; I'm sure with value it will work regardless. P.S You should make your comments "pop up" in a separate window!

  2. Erika, I like this piece a lot. One nit-pick I didn't leave on FB: what's the attitude/mood of the folks behind the barrier - fear? anger? At their size it would be easy to pump some facial/body attitude into them to engage them a bit more in the forground activity. Like I said, just a minor comment - this one's a keeper!