Monday, June 29, 2009

Color Study

Here's the color study for Ben. The suit looks a bit lighter than planned, so please imagine it around a 90% gray if it's not correct on your screen. I wanted to create a feeling of depth with the light background, desaturated medium-medium toned middle ground and bold, dark foreground. Let me know what you think. :)

I am so excited to start on the final for this piece. All the feedback everyone has been kind enough to pass on to me has been a huge help. Thank you so much to everyone!!!


  1. First of all, your color studies are better than 90% of the populations final pieces of art. Second of all, my first reaction was to darken the "dough" and the table just a smidge. It goes back to thinking in shapes - I want the entirety of the foreground to be a darker value than the entirety of the background. Does that make sense? But I'm just nit-picking. This is fantastic.

  2. The drawing is beautifully done and the composition dynamic. The color scheme makes sense, and I understand that you want an atmospheric feel to the background. You know more of how it will look in the end in your mind, so this comment is just to give you something to think about. To me the muted version of realistic colors in the background isn't emotive enough. Maybe consider an overall color tint to the background, just adding a hint more mood and depth. Without changing anything I'm sure it will be excellent. Enjoy the process! :)