Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seattle Sketching

This first piece was actually created in Youngstown, OH and in downtown Chicago. I like the illusion of a person tutoring a cityscape in math. :)

The flight from Detroit to Seattle is about five hours which leaves lots of time for playing in a sketchbook. This piece took a little let than an hour and allowed me to experiment with line quality and perspective. I really like the worm's-eye view in this piece and the usage of color to communicate distance.

The musical duo on this page are part of the Tallboys, a country and bluegrass group. The girl would occasionally stand and step dance to enunciate the beat of the songs. Really cool stuff and nice people.

This is a collage of people I saw while I wandered around the city and hung out at various coffee shops. I wanted to created a seamless collection of people that carried an ambiguous narrative. I've been thinking of creating paintings out of compositions directly from my sketchbook or inspired by the people and places in my sketchbook. We'll see what happens.

Awww, sleepy Chris.